The Dow Up 457 And the Nasdaq Up 460.70

Look at these gains today. Today is a Thursday. Meta is up $18.04, AMD is up $17.49, NVDA is up 110.55, AMZN is up $6.00, ELI lILLY is up 23.75, SUPER MICRO is up $241.52, NETFLIX is up $15.12, COSTCO is up $11.38 AND MODERNA is up $11.85. Gains of $110.55 and $241.52 in one day on two stocks! What's that all about? Well warning bells should be going off. We must be at a short term top. Three stocks stand out to me that are having changing stories. 1) Moderna. 2) Rivian. 3) Lucid In these crazy markets a lot of these stories get buried. Option players in these markets are getting whipsawed and it is getting to be to difficult a market to play in. Once this final round of earning reports are over things should get back to normal.

Caterpillar Earnings. Ford Earnings

Here is the spin put on Caterpillar's earning report.
A heathy demand and the abilility to raise prices. No mentioning of the word covid. A referencing to 9% inflation. How management phases each little morsel is so ever important. The stock tanked on the news - on the takeaway that the company was running at full speed in a world of floods, wars and and of infrastructure building. It stock was punished. Strange. Ford had a wild and colorful story. It got punished for reasons which soon become apparent. A company still making millions of dollars in an environment amuck with change. Fourth quarter net income fell.
Tomorrow I will fill you in on why the Friday Call holders wished they had Puts. Here is what happened.
The 12 series of Calls opened up down over 90%. What a wabble. Now here is it's year to date chart.
The story of what is going to happen next with Ford never ends.


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