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What To Focus On - Part Two

My blog of November 27th was entitled "What to Focus On". Please read it. This week we are feeling a bit of a hangover. Last's weeks triple witching event is over. Stocks that were forced to contract in price to sqeeze out spectatate positions on them are now free to resume there old trading patterns. This Monday morning at 10:20 a.m. the Djia is up 301 points. There are also losers. So now what? Mark on your calendar exactly three months down the road how the markets traded on the first morning after one of these triple witching events and use this same logic to catch the upside on the next "hangeover" day like this. How do you pick the winners? Find a few stocks that have enjoyed a recent upswing and play them to pop on the first trading session after one of these events. This blog is just an observation.

Ford Calls, Domain Names and The Year 2022

So last week when I was online I went to register a new domain name with a company I have used in the past that provides that kind of a service. I typed in the name I wanted, I got an automatic response saying that domain name was available. Did I grab it? No, for whatever reason I procrastinated - I didn't reserve it. Let's move on here to something else. Here is a "year-to-date"chart of the stock Ford. Pretty strong right? I talked late last winter about the Ford 10 Calls I bought with a one year out expiring date. The stock doubled over the year. I got out too early. Holding onto long term "in-the-money" Calls is something that is difficult to do. Try it for yourself and see what the experience feels like. Now going back the domain name registration story. So I called back the very next day to reserve the name and was told it was gone. On my computer screen it said "for $125.99 plus commissions we still might be able t

Caterpillar. A Big Bounce.

Both Caterpillar and Boeing can jump four dollars in one day, often on no news. They each did last week on differing days. Look at these two charts which show this morning's opening and tell me what you think. My question is if you're an option trader would an opening move downwards like this excite you? Is it premature to look at playing Call options on the upside?. Interesting charts right? It's like a bomb went off and know one know's why. Do you open a trade right now or wait for something better? They are both ugly stock charts and their both billion dollar companies. If you go the wrong way you will quickly lose money and time values will eat you away. I would say most option players would do something while keeping in mind that the bottom may not be here yet. Let's continue this story after we see what happens tomorrow. Ok, so here is the next morning. The pendulum has swung in the opposite direction on the opening. Inconsequential trades of no value you

Attention Spans and Retention Abilities

What's your attention span for reading these blogs? Most readers will decide in two or three seconds if they want to read this blog. If this blog was called "Boeing Calls" for example red flags would instantenously be raised. Most readers would have a longer attention span for blogs called Disney Calls, Mcdonald Calls or U.S. Steel Calls. Why? Well casual relationship are easilier to understand. Disney must be hurting with the covid thing, Mcdonalds still has their their drivethrough business and U.S. Steel might benefit when it gets through this rough patch of poor auto sales. People are attracted to things that might go up or down for logical reasons. If your still reading this blog I congratuate you. Many readers would have clicked off by now looking for more instant gratifications. Most option players shy away from playing Boeing Calls knowing that there are an infinite number of variables that can send it shooting up and down. I get that. I like playing o

Ford's Largest One Day Share Price of The Year - Or Santa Claus Came Early.

Ok, so yesterday, a Thursday I looked at Ford because management was in the news saying they are going to stop taking more preorders on their upcoming F150 electric truck. They have too many orders. They were also saying look out world - we are going electric. V.W. and Toyota were also making similiar claims. Here is a look at Ford at 12:11 p.m. today. At noon Ford was up 5.6% and their short term options which expire today were up ten fold. Stocks the size of Ford seldom jump that much in one morning. Why didn't lightbulbs go off in my head yesterday saying lets take a flyer on Ford Call options for tomorrow with one day's trading life left in them? That would be the Dec 10th 20 Calls. As you can see, the 20 Calls this morning went from .06 or six dollars a contract to .61 or sixty one dollars a contract at noon! Then looked at how they ended up the day. A .06 or six dollar contract would be worth one hundred and forty three dollars! A six hundred dollar investment would be

Mcdonald's and an Early Morning Swing.

Look at this five day and one day chart. They sell burgers. What's so special about burgers? I got in to early however I caught some of the selloff. ++ here is an end of day reading on this series of Puts. I could of made more if I played it till the end of the day or I could have bought back in and tried to play it twice. That's something I try to avoid doing. Look at how low the volume of trading was in this option series.

Boeing and Caterpillar on a Friday. My favorite Day of the Week for Trading.

Omicron variant fears. What a week. Boeing down more than ten dollars in one day and then back up that much again the very next day. Why is Friday morning so special to short term options players. It's win or die. Will one of your favorite stocks shoot to the moon? The clock is ticking and with the passage time option prices change. What I want to show you is an example of how quickly things can happen. Here is a chart I saw of Caterpillar on this Friday morning, December 3th, 2021. It's about that time of the day when you start to realize it's abilities to shoot up the 200 dollars mark and over will never happen. To bad for the option traders buying the 205 Calls on Caterpillar on the opening today hoping for a ten dollar price swing. So now look at this, a cancellation of a "buy order" on Catipillar Calls 197.50 Calls at about this particular time. They were the ones going crazy. I changed my bid upwards about three times as it shot up and then gave up. It we

The Corporate Update Conference Call - Electrameccanica

To listen to this call anytime in the next next few days before they take it down. Call 1-844-512-2921 and use this pin number 13724898. Electrameccanica is a Vancouver based company is now building an electric three wheeled vehicle called Solo. They are currently on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show to help build brand awareness. The company now has capacity to build 20,000 vehicles per year in China and plans to build that many more a month also here in in Arizona. Will they sell? Yes. Priced from $18,500. One model is a cargo carrying designed vehicle. What a great way get small packages moved across the city. At top speed of 80 m.p.g., a one hundred mile range and a warranty for 20,000 miles. They will sell for many reasons.They would be fun to drive. The companies working capital now is $238 million and zero debt. Any hicups? Cash flow perhaps. They still have a big way to go. Here are my comments on the conference call. The questions at the end of the call were from no nam

The Concept of Playing Thursday Options Which Expire the Next Day. Part One

Thursday morning trading patterns in the first hour of trading reflect human emotions running high. Could your favorite stocks in the $200.00 and $300.00 price ranges jump up three dollars on Thursday and three dollars on Friday? Wishful thinkings often shared by option traders on Thursday mornings. Yesterday Boeing jumped up over $4.50 and then down over $7.00. Will it jump back up agian today? It's Call options look so tempting knowing what the stock sometimes does. Then there is Caterpillar which was off during the last two days after jumping up earlier this week on government stimulus news. Why isn't that stock flying? This morning I used the "out-of-the-money", the Caterpillar 212.50 Call option series that were like four dollars "out-of-the-money" with one day to go for a short term ride. Was I dreaming? Not really. Caterpillar had a strong opening and these options remained relativly flat because they were so far out-of-the money. I bought in at a p


When it comes to option playing are stocks in the thirty and forty dollar price range good options to play? I would say generally no. Why? Well, it generally takes good news or bad news to cause stocks in this price range to move and they can sometimes go sideways for months and months. Waiting for good news or bad news is not an exacating science. There are exceptions to this thinking, sometimes offbeat airline company stocks for example go charging up quickly for a week or two when it becomes apparent that material changes are happening in their operating environments. Five, ten and 15 dollars stocks and stocks like Caterpillar and Boeing that cost a lot more are where the action is. Harley Davidson (Hog) recently had good news and here is how the stock reacted. Once again, options on stocks in the thirty and forty are not as much fun to play.

Ford - An Earning Report

Ford is going electric, that's the buzz. We all know the story. Earnings just came out on the stock and the Call options jumped on the opening. If you were playing options you had to get out just after the opening. With option plays on earning reports that's usually the way to best way play them. First, I will show the prior day's action. There was a gap down on the opening and 94 million shares traded. That's a large number. People were cashing out after recent good times. Now here is a chart of Ford the next day and here is how two option series traded. Buy in at the close and sell out just after the opening. Look at how high each series traded up to just after the opening. The earning numbers were not all that great but it's the buzz about going electric. Ford is one of the better stocks out there to play earning report releases. ** Scroll up to the upper left and read my most recent blog on MacDonald's earning report.