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What To Focus On - Part Two

My blog of November 27th was entitled "What to Focus On". Please read it. This week we are feeling a bit of a hangover. Last's weeks triple witching event is over. Stocks that were forced to contract in price to sqeeze out spectatate positions on them are now free to resume there old trading patterns. This Monday morning at 10:20 a.m. the Djia is up 301 points. There are also losers. So now what? Mark on your calendar exactly three months down the road how the markets traded on the first morning after one of these triple witching events and use this same logic to catch the upside on the next "hangeover" day like this. How do you pick the winners? Find a few stocks that have enjoyed a recent upswing and play them to pop on the first trading session after one of these events. This blog is just an observation.

Caterpillar Earning Report Plays

So tomorrow is the big day when Caterpillar releases it's second quarter earnings report. It is expected to be good. Boeing just had a great earnings report yesterday and analyst are expecting Caterpillar to also report decent numbers. Let's look at the five day trading charts on these two companies and this mornings super strong premarket indicators. (It's always good to be selling into strong premarket indicators because history tells us that they never stay strong forever). It's July 29th and Caterpillar's earning report is tomorrow. Ford also just had their earning reports and good new also on that front. So far so good? Good news everywhere right? It's only good news if you can capitalize on it. What am I implying? Well I don't want to digress to far off topic however option trading can be an exacerbating experience. I missed the Boeing and Ford trading opportunites despite the fact that I anticipated both of these two companies would do well. Do I

Boeing Exploded upwards and So Few Players Caught The Ride

In a recent Blog I made the comment many options players shy away from playing Boeing Calls. Why? Well it can be a mentality exhausting exercise. Boeing profits suprised this morning. Look at the price increases on some of these Boeing option series. - These are the Boeing 220 Calls and the ones most likely to be on the radar screen of short term option players. There are only 1,839 outstanding option contracts open on this particular series of options and only 243 contracts traded just after the early release of this news. This are truly insignificant numbers compared to the usual number of outstanding open option positions on stocks like Apple. So the question is why were so few players waiting for this news release and trying to play it with Call options hoping it would go up? Why were expectations so muted? The takeaway. This will go down on the records as being one of the summers of 2021 best option trading situations. Analyst totally got this one wrong. It will also be a wakeu

Boeing and Trading Platform Failures

Monday mornings. I try and stay away from option trading on Monday mornings but this time I thought I could catch the upside on Boeing on a weak opening. Here is the premarket quotes at 9:08 a.m. and here is the premarket by ticket I placed. At 8:02 a.m.I placed a bid of $2.52 when the premarket at that time had Boeing trading down by about two dollars a share. I was trying to purchase a Boeing 225.50 Call which would then expire at the end of the week. I was being a bit stingy with my order but it was an experiment. It must be mentioned that when your placing an order in the premarket there are no "bids' and "asks" so you have to pick a price you feel comfortable paying. Thats what makes the exercise tricky. How much lower will a Call option open than it closed on the previous day? It depends in part apon how many days it is away from expiring. The more days further out the expiracy date is the less it will go down in price. That plus you don't get an instant fi

The Trade of the Year

It's not that complicated however it kind of slipped under the radar. It was a big name company we all know called Lowes. The payoff was wild. What are we looking at? Options that closed on Thursday at ten cents a contract and opened at one cent the folling morning, a Friday which then then hit an interday high of one dollar and fifty cents. A one thousand dollar investment would have went as high as $150,000.00. Folks, all of this is legal and anyone can play it. You could have made it all by lunchtime. < What happened? Well we are talking about the 200 series on Calls that expired yesterday on Friday July 23th. At the start of the trding session they were over $3.00 "out-of-the money. Very few traders saw value in them. Yet Lowes did close strong on Thursday the day before it. Then it wobbled a touch on the Friday opening and resumed it's upward charge. The price of lumber is dropping and many people are waiting to purchase lumber at these new lowering prices. The ki

A Look at A Boeing Call and A Friday Morning Story

Some seasoned option players don't like playing Boeing Call or Put options that expire that day. Either buying on a dip on the opening or buying in on a Thursday afternoon after 3:45 p.m. When pressed as to why they are of that opinion they sometimes sight other individual airline stocks they like better. Given good news airline stocks priced in the 30.00 or 40.00 dollar price range can go up 50% in a matter of a couple of weeks. Why not just follow a handfull of airline stocks and wait for something good to happen? When you play Boeig options you're at the mercy of countless news releases, each one seemingly more important than the last one. It's a roller coaster game which some traders get tired of playing after they tally up all their wins and losses from doing it at the end of the year. Playing short term Boeing Calls is not a way to think big. Lumber prices dropped dramatically in the last little while. Did you know that? Big thinkers played it down and made lots of m


Investors sometimes sell out on good earning reports even if the stock price is not doing well. You be the judge on this one. Live Wire a new stand alone brand, that sounds good. Options on Harley Davidson are thinly traded and options on stocks in the forty dollar range tend to be difficult to play in the short term range. This could be one of those "legging-a-spread" opportunities I have recently talked about. Purchase a couple of near to the money Call options six or eight months out and sell against them a higher higher series Call options if the stock ever gets a two or three dollar lift. Why are current investors being punished? The covid thing and supply chain issues. Perhaps good times will start to move this stock upwards again. This is a tough one to call with analyst thinking's in recent changing constantly. ** In this next paragraph I want to discuss the issue with short term option trading on stocks like this that have poor option liquidity. Let's look

More Quebec Electric News

Solo is one to watch, Electra Meccanica Vahicles, and Lev or The Lion Electric Company. That takes care of electric school busses and three wheel electric cars. I talked about both of these companies in rcent blogs. Now there is something new to add to this list. Electric snowmobiles. Here is it's chart.Today it traded higher on it's good news. Part two. Who is the king of snowmobiles? Bombardier correct? Here is it's stock symbol and here is how it has traded over the last year. Also read this about going electric. It has nothing to do with the above stocks I just mentioned however it reflects what is happening in the electric space.