One Week Options. Are They A Good Bet In Times like This?

Look at how these these four stocks traded last week. 1) What a great week for one week Call option players on Boeing even though the stock ended up down .83 cents on the week. 2) Roku. Roku hasn't yet recovered from a not so good quarterly report. Roku lost $1.13 on the week. (Netflix in somewhat the same space was up $35.780.) 3) Disney suprised. I talked about that in a recent blog. 4) Now Caterpillar. It was up $12.83 Now The D.J.I. was down .11% or basically flat. In good times Call options can be your best friend. To be continued.

"Out-of-the-Money" Call Options on Boeing With One Day to Go

Who likes trading options that expire that day? Let's move forward. First here is the five day chart of Boeing prior to it's Friday morning opening.
It looks like it could bounce. Part two, here is what I did. Look at times I got in.
In at 9:32.34 a.m. at thirty-two dollars each on four contracts and out at 9:43.07 a.m. at sixty-nine dollars each and also in at 9:34 a.m. at forty dollars each on two contracts and out 9:44 a.m. at seventy nine dollars.
These are ten minute trades picking off doubles in price. Here is a screen shot of how Boeing was trading during this particular period of time. I caught part of a one dollar early morning move up holding "out-of-the-Money" Calls. the ones that move the most percentage wise when they only have about six hours of trading time left in them. That is something to study.
Had I waited another ten minutes to get out I would of had given up all of my profits and had I held on to these positions until the end of the day I would have lost everything. Here is a one day chart on how Boeing traded.
Here is a look at how this series of Calls, the 212.50 Calls traded on the day. Eighty Four dollars was the high of the day.
The real winners in this secenaro were the 207.50 Puts. That's a different story which would have taken guts to play.
Movements like this happen every Friday.


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