Why Not To Buy Not Rivian Calls With Two Days to Go?

It's obvious right? If you mess up and the stock opens the wrong way you only have one day for a rebound. Why put yourself in that position? Others might be in the camp of saying why not go for a fifty percent rebound on Thurday's morning opening. The stock sold of on Wednesday on very little volume. A morning pop is possible. The stock has being strong as of late. Here is it's five day chart. Now this, the seventeen series of Calls that expires in two days. They do look cheap after hitting a high of $1.55 on the day. If we look at a 30 day chart we will see that the stock is still in an uptrend. Why not look at the Call options one and two weeks out? Here are the seventeen series of Calls one and two weeks out They would be much safer to play and I will check in on these ones at a later date. So what happened on the Thursday opening? Let's switch gears for a moment and look at how Roku, a much higher priced stock opened and look at how their Call options moved.

A Toll Free Number To Listen To A Workhorse Conference Call. Please Make The Effort And Listen In.

Is this company on the cusp of making money or is trying to do to many things at once? The stock's price dropped almost 15% today after this call came out. It seems they will soon be on a hussle to raise more money but it's hard not to somewhat impressed by how far they have come. It doesn't really matter how much you know about this company but what a great way to be introduced to it. Just make the call now. It's free and it's interesting. Does this company have a future? That's the hard part to figure out. In the past most companies like needing additional amounts of money are to early to buy into. Just saying. Take the Lion Electric Bus Company (symbol LEV - see my Oct 31st blog) or Sono Group ( symbol Sev - see my June 19th 2022 blog) or the three wheeled Canadian electric vehicle company called Electrameccanica (SOLO - see my Aug. 17th 2022 blog). I have talked about all three of these companies several times in the past. Now here are some of Workhorse's stock charts. First it's five day chart.
Now it's one year chart.
Now it's three year chart.
Aren't you happy that you didn't buy in at $40.00? One of the problems with buying any stock in the $1.75 range is that it can continue to sell off in price. This sounds like a simple thing to say but it's true.


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