Why Not To Buy Not Rivian Calls With Two Days to Go?

It's obvious right? If you mess up and the stock opens the wrong way you only have one day for a rebound. Why put yourself in that position? Others might be in the camp of saying why not go for a fifty percent rebound on Thurday's morning opening. The stock sold of on Wednesday on very little volume. A morning pop is possible. The stock has being strong as of late. Here is it's five day chart. Now this, the seventeen series of Calls that expires in two days. They do look cheap after hitting a high of $1.55 on the day. If we look at a 30 day chart we will see that the stock is still in an uptrend. Why not look at the Call options one and two weeks out? Here are the seventeen series of Calls one and two weeks out They would be much safer to play and I will check in on these ones at a later date. So what happened on the Thursday opening? Let's switch gears for a moment and look at how Roku, a much higher priced stock opened and look at how their Call options moved.

Lowes / Apple

The first trading morning of the week are always difficult to play because the premiums on Call and Put options which expire on Friday are always excessive. In this instance Monday was a holiday so today, Tuesday was the first day of the week. I found myself focused on 'Lowes' because it was dropping in price when everything else I usually follow seemed to be going up. I had played it last week. Here is what I did.
In at 10:53 a.m. at $4.06 and out at 11:53 at $4.63. A one hour trade. Here is it's chart, I caught the rebound.
What was odd about this trade? Well look at how few contracts traded early in the morning.
Only one contract traded in the first ten minutes of trading and at 10:53 a.m. only two contracts had traded. In total there was only thirty five outstanding contracts. What a crazy low number.
Contrast these open interest numbers and daily number of contracts traded to the action on the day in "Apple". The numbers you are about to see are shocking.
63,361 contracts ended up trading on this series of Call options in one day with an open interest at the end of the day of only 4,565 contracts. So many traders are making this series of options as "go to" options looking to capitalize on daily market swings. They are inexpensive, move up and down quickly and offer instant liquidity. Playes sometime purchase them in quantities of one hundred or more at a time. Here is "Apples" one day chart.
I did a feable trade in it and got out and broke even. it's all about catching an interday swing and getting out. Here is how they traded on the day and here is what did. I was lucky to get out and call the trade a wash. It ended up closing lower.
The takeaway on all of this is that traders are now using "Apple" Calls as a trading vehicle in a big way.


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