The Dow Up 457 And the Nasdaq Up 460.70

Look at these gains today. Today is a Thursday. Meta is up $18.04, AMD is up $17.49, NVDA is up 110.55, AMZN is up $6.00, ELI lILLY is up 23.75, SUPER MICRO is up $241.52, NETFLIX is up $15.12, COSTCO is up $11.38 AND MODERNA is up $11.85. Gains of $110.55 and $241.52 in one day on two stocks! What's that all about? Well warning bells should be going off. We must be at a short term top. Three stocks stand out to me that are having changing stories. 1) Moderna. 2) Rivian. 3) Lucid In these crazy markets a lot of these stories get buried. Option players in these markets are getting whipsawed and it is getting to be to difficult a market to play in. Once this final round of earning reports are over things should get back to normal.

"Apple" at 3:15 p.m.

Last week we talked about "Apple" being a nice stock to trade options on and one of the reasons given was it's one dollar spreads on it's option. Most other stocks in that price range have options on them which have wider striking prices. A 120 Call, a 122.50 Call and a 125 Call for example. That's what you are most likely to see. That being said, the underlying price swings with these "other stocks" needs more of a noticeable and extended directional move to be able to play them successfully. Weekend articles mentioned "Apple" doing well in a rising interest rate environment because of it's abilities to make money on borrowed money forming low cost debt. I wouldn't read too much into that. Today with the D.J.I up 90 points going into the closing trading hour of the day look at how well the 13 series of Call options that expire this week are trading. Up slow and steady all afternoon.
Notice also one again how the volume of daily trading in this series exceeds the open interest. That's always the way it is. The focus always seems to be on interday trading. ^^^^^^^^^ A Next day update. Notice how the market was down and the volumes of trading was way down.
All things considered the stock rallied again on the opening and then off slightly and these premiums dropped accordingly. Let's now look at how the "Puts" now looked on todays action, this time the 134 Puts and not the 133 Puts. Money can be made both ways.
You can see the low of the day on these "Puts" was about 1:20 p.m. when Apple spiked a touch.


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