One Week Options. Are They A Good Bet In Times like This?

Look at how these these four stocks traded last week. 1) What a great week for one week Call option players on Boeing even though the stock ended up down .83 cents on the week. 2) Roku. Roku hasn't yet recovered from a not so good quarterly report. Roku lost $1.13 on the week. (Netflix in somewhat the same space was up $35.780.) 3) Disney suprised. I talked about that in a recent blog. 4) Now Caterpillar. It was up $12.83 Now The D.J.I. was down .11% or basically flat. In good times Call options can be your best friend. To be continued. Here is how Roku traded on the day.

Boeing Calls Going Into a Friday Morning After dropping $4.77 on a Thursday.

I tracked the action on the 190 Boing Calls all week and watched the stock surge on Monday and Tuesday. Read my recent blogs. I cautioned that the action could change direction mid-week. It did. Trading Monday and Tuesday Calls... that seemed to work but on a Wednesday they all lost speed. Here now is it's one, five and thirty day charts.
Note it flirted with the $199.50 range. Now look at this chart. It helps to create a different spin on things.
It's bouncing back up and look at how the 210 Calls we have being watching all week closed out the day. They closed at $2.08.
Is $2.08 a good price? Well consider this. These same Calls closed the day before at $9.75. Yes Boeing can bounce big if and when it decides to bounce. Are the Call options now playable with only one day to go? Given all that has recently happened I would say STAY AWAY. Why tie up money hoping for a one day blip? The charts now show that it could go either way. Looking for rebounds on a falling stock on a Friday morning is to rich an exercise for most traders. Now for a premarket opening news release.
Boeing is soon going to have a quarterly earnings report coming out. News like this is an unwelcome suprise.


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