The Dow Up 457 And the Nasdaq Up 460.70

Look at these gains today. Today is a Thursday. Meta is up $18.04, AMD is up $17.49, NVDA is up 110.55, AMZN is up $6.00, ELI lILLY is up 23.75, SUPER MICRO is up $241.52, NETFLIX is up $15.12, COSTCO is up $11.38 AND MODERNA is up $11.85. Gains of $110.55 and $241.52 in one day on two stocks! What's that all about? Well warning bells should be going off. We must be at a short term top. Three stocks stand out to me that are having changing stories. 1) Moderna. 2) Rivian. 3) Lucid In these crazy markets a lot of these stories get buried. Option players in these markets are getting whipsawed and it is getting to be to difficult a market to play in. Once this final round of earning reports are over things should get back to normal.

Home Depot - Snakes and Ladders- Hurricane Season- Hurricane Ian

Here is a one day chart and a five day chart. Home Depot closed up $2.30 on the day however the markets were off. Home Depot can jump in Hurricane Seasons.
Now the five day chart.
Here is my buy in at the end of the day with three seconds to go.
Look at how these options traded on the day.
Florida might get hit tomorrow. Talk like this can go away as fast as it came. Two days ago no one saw this coming. An 8:30 a.m. Wednesday update. Let's back up a second. Look at how strongly Home Depot opened up yesterday and look at how light the volume was on the day. In a way this play is "old news" and the question is, am I one day late in coming to the party? These options still have three days trading life left in them. Do I want excessive demands on my time going forward? Is this a wise application of effort and creative energy? I could bail in the premarkets and take a profit and never have to follow this news again. The connection between Home Depot going up in price and hurricanes is, in a way kind of an "urban myth". I don't like babysitting option positions based on pending news. Here is what happened. I got out with a premarket order where I picked the price I wanted.
A early morning readout.
The hard part was guessing the price to put on the sell ticket.*** Here is the closing reading on these same Calls.


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