One Week Options. Are They A Good Bet In Times like This?

Look at how these these four stocks traded last week. 1) What a great week for one week Call option players on Boeing even though the stock ended up down .83 cents on the week. 2) Roku. Roku hasn't yet recovered from a not so good quarterly report. Roku lost $1.13 on the week. (Netflix in somewhat the same space was up $35.780.) 3) Disney suprised. I talked about that in a recent blog. 4) Now Caterpillar. It was up $12.83 Now The D.J.I. was down .11% or basically flat. In good times Call options can be your best friend. To be continued.

Boeing 1st Quarter 2022 Earnings Report

The markets are rough in recent days. Boeing just had earning reports come out. Here is what happened in the first hour of trading. It doesn't matter what the numbers are. What matters is how the company addresses the issues.
How does a company lick it's wounds after news like this. Well they artfully plants forward looking statements.
Seven little very polished points which help to wash away the past and make us look forward. Well done. That's why their C.E.O.s get paid big bucks. Here is a look at one series of Boeing Call options two weeks out. The 155 series of Calls which expire on May 13th 2022. Is two weeks enough time to wash this bad news away? That's the bet.
Notice this is a series which previously never had any "open interest" in them. This is rare but not necessarily a bad thing. Do you have $420.00 U.S. you want play with? It's a chunk of cash. Yes or no? Is this the right time to "pull the trigger"? It's the catching a falling knife position. It's dangerous because the stock might keep falling. It's only 10:30 a.m. so is the bad new scrubbing all over? I don't know. Sometimes you have to live on the wild side. ** A 2:00 p.m. update.
Finally here is how it closed out the day.
We will check back in on a later date.


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